Naming of Photographs

  1. The first two characters of the file name should indicate the country code (“TR” for Turkey). For country codes, see:
  2. Work owner’s name must be written in maximum 5 characters (E.g. “Ömer Eril YILMAZ” as “omery” or “oerly” or “erily”).

First letter of the section must be written (Digital Color or Black & White > D).   The photograph order no. should be written in numbers (from 1 to 4), followed by an under-bar ( _ ).

c. After the under-bar, the name of the photograph should be written without exceeding the total number of characters. For instance, the file name for “Ömer Eril YILMAZ”s photograph no. 1 named “gülen çocuk”: “TRomeryD1_gulen_cocuk” or the file name for his photograph no. 2 named “çocuk hayattır”: “TRomeryD2_cocuk_hayattir”.

d. The submitted photographs will automatically be assigned a code by the system, regardless of the name they are given, on which the Jury assessment will be based. The Jury will not see the name of the work or the participant in any manner.


1) Cengiz KARLIOVA

2) İzzet KERİBAR

3) Sami TÜRKAY

The jury may be convened with the participation of at least three members.

TFSF Representative: Emrah AKYILDIZ